Nice to meet you

Iā€™m Lana Hobbs and I am the owner of Thrive Clay Studio. I am passionate about making quality work and building quality relationships. I love working in clay and introducing others to the medium and that is how Thrive Clay studio was born! To learn more about my story check out my bio.

What is Thrive Clay Studio?

What we do

Thrive Clay Studio is a teaching studio that also serves as the working studio for clay artist Lana Hobbs. Thrive offers workshops, team building, multi-week pottery wheel classes, multi-week hand building classes, private sessions, kids summer camps, and more.

Why we do it

We believe having spaces dedicated to creativity and play breathes life into communities and that is what we are all about. We want to be that kind of space for our city. We want to be marked by hospitality, excellence in our products and education, and a love for our city.