Pottery Work Table

A sturdy "no truck" table design for hand building or any other work. It's designed so that you can get the lumber and the nearly-complete workbench in a full-sized sedan. It's 6' long, 2.5' wide, and 36 inches tall.

Drawings and pictures are below, and additional notes and downloadable versions of the drawings are at the bottom. 


  • You can store several hundred pounds of clay boxes or buckets of glaze on the shelf. This will help keep your studio clean, and also makes the table very steady for wedging clay.
  • We recommend finishing with at least a coat of paint, and Tyvek homewrap makes a good handbuilding surface that can be easily replaced. Cut a piece big enough to wrap around the edges, fold it like wrapping a gift, and staple from the bottom. 

Drawing downloads: